University of the District of Columbia Law Review


This report was prepared in December 2003 in order to stimulate a dialogue on the role the District of Columbia government should play with the federal government in attempting to achieve an appropriate balance between physical security and open access to public space when deciding on traffic restrictions around or near federal buildings or federal sites in the District of Columbia. A summary of this report was presented at the UDC/DCSL Law Review November 2003 symposium "In the Aftermath of September 11: Defending Civil liberties in the Nation's Capital." Since this report was prepared there has been an ebb and flow of traffic restrictions imposed and rescinded at various times in line with varying security concerns, usually with little prior consultation with the District government. This report is presented here largely as it was written in December 2003, without attempting to update it to reflect subsequent developments. While the details of the restrictions may change from day to day, the basic concerns outlined in the report and the recommendations for improving coordination between the federal and District governments are still relevant today.

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