University of the District of Columbia Law Review


Institutions of higher education are uniquely positioned to influence the tone and character of justice available in the society. As centers of information and acculturation, colleges, universities, and professional schools determine the next generation of legal innovators and how they will be trained. In an era when aggressive opponents of racial equality indulged by a conservative court impede the gradual progress made possible through affirmative action programs, I believe that legal educators share considerable responsibility for the chronic deficiency of equal access to education plaguing racial minorities in this country. Intoxicated by the rhetoric of public interest and ritualistic tilting toward the challenge of social injustice, law faculty rest comfortably behind a fence of color blind neutrality and a phobia of change. Through a mdlange of omission and deliberate undertaking, "would be champions of the people," we train and commission lawyers who undermine and ravage the very Constitution and people they claim to serve.

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