A New Clinician's Ways of (Un)Knowing: Forgetting to Remember, Remembering to Forget and (Re)Constructing Identity

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Tenn L. Rev.


I made a big change three years ago-I left my friends, my family, and my former life as a New York City public defender to head south. Not to Washington, DC, like most New Yorkers who crave a slower pace-but to Knoxville, Tennessee. Knoxville, jokingly referred to on local T-shirts as" Knox Vegas," is part of the Appalachian region of East Tennessee. Definitely no skyscrapers or crowded subways here. Why did I do this? Because I accepted a position at the University of Tennessee (UT) College of Law. I left my job as a New York City public defender to fulfill my dream of being a clinical law professor. I would work with students at the College of Law-primarily in its advocacy clinic-and represent indigent clients in a range of matters, including juvenile and criminal defense cases.